NeoMetal is accepting new wholesale accounts!

NeoMetal provides implant grade titanium body jewelry to industry professionals around the world. To start an account, we must verify you as an active industry professional.

We are not currently taking applications for distributors or online stores. Once you have been verified as an industry professional we'll reply with digital copies of our catalog, wholesale price list, and directions on how to place your orders.


To qualify for an account, you must have the following:

-Brick and mortar (physical) studio-

-Clean room/station for piercing-
-Business/Tax ID (USA accounts Only)-


You must choose one of the following

documents to email in with your application:

-Business License-

-Piercing License-

-Health Department Certification-

-Blood Borne Pathogen Certificate-

-Photos of your equipment and physical studio space-

Silverdale, WA, USA

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