Big Bling Needs Big Support

Big Bling Needs Big Support

Dazzling gemstones have a way of stealing the spotlight, but behind their mesmerizing sparkle lies a need for support and stability. Enter NeoMetal's 5mm disk back labrets, the unsung heroes ensuring that your larger gemstones, like 6mm princess and brilliant cut prong set gems, stay securely in place. 


Before we get into the specifics, let's bring it back to the basics and talk about what a labret is. Piercing jewelry typically consists of two primary components: the gem or decorative end and the labret, a barbell featuring a flat disc on the back—often referred to as a 'back'.  


NeoMetal’s labrets are loved by piercers around the world and are available in the widest variety of sizes in the industry. They are made from ASTM F-136 implant certified titanium, a biocompatible and durable material that is safe and comfortable for long-term wear. It is important to offer a wide variety of gauges, lengths, and disc back sizes to account for all the different types of piercings and for unique anatomy. 

Table of all available titanium threadless labret posts

Bringing it back to our 5mm disk back labrets. Imagine you have chosen a stunning 6mm princess cut gem for your new lobe piercing. While we design our prong set gems to be as lightweight as possible, a large gem like this needs a proportionate back to balance its weight. This is where the labret comes in. The 5mm disk back labret works as an anchor, helping to keep the gem in place and preventing it from drooping in the piercing. This not only makes your piercing more aesthetically pleasing but promotes healing by reducing irritation and ensuring comfort. 


In the world of piercing jewelry, the right support can make all the difference.  
NeoMetal's 5mm disk back labrets provide vital support for larger gemstones. Crafted from top-quality implant-certified titanium and available in a diverse range of sizes, they redefine stability and comfort in piercing jewelry. Remember, a balanced piercing is a happy piercing! 

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