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Threadless Body Jewelry is the preferred style of piercing jewelry by many of the top piercers across the world. Sometimes called 'push-fit', 'press-fit, or 'snap-together' jewelry, threadless jewelry contains two pieces, the decorative end and the labret post or barbell. Tension holds the two pieces together.

Not only is threadless jewelry the most convenient style of body jewelry out there, it also is the most universal. A variety of different decorative ends can fit one post so you can switch up your style whenever you please!

We are proud to be the original creators of threadless body jewelry, and to have provided all of you with consistent quality and sparkle for all these years. Thanks for all of your support!

When we say Universal, we mean it. Every NeoMetal threadless end is compatible with any of our threadless posts, be it 18, 16, 14 or 12ga.

Some combinations aren't advised, I.E: pairing a 1.5mm bezel set gem into a 14ga labret post, as this would pose a serious pull-through risk.

We are wholesale only, meaning we only sell directly to piercers and studio owners. If you're looking for jewelry for you next piercing, check out our studio locator.

Looking for wholesale Implant Grade Titanium and gold jewelry for your studio? Apply for an account today.

All of our jewelry is precision machined in the US on CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines out of solid implant-grade titanium (ASTM F136 6AI-4V ELI). P

We use only the highest quality cubic zirconia and other synthetic gems. Every gem is crimp-set into the jewelry setting; no glues are used, ensuring the most stunning sparkle. 

Quality is important to us. All our jewelry is guaranteed for life against any potential manufacturing defects. For mill certificates, please feel free to contact us!

Norsco Attachments was the name of the manufacturing side of our business in California. Norsco Attachments has always machined NeoMetal jewelry. More recently NeoMetal jewelry has been fulfilled and shipped out of the same location, that's why you might have noticed Norsco Attachments on recent shipping notifications. Don't worry, NeoMetal has always been, and will always be, manufactured in the USA to the same quality standards.

All of our tops can be used in any of our posts! There are certain combinations that we do not recommend, but all NeoMetal works universally. For more help placing your order, please reach out to us!


To apply for an account please fill out the wholesale application, here. Be sure to provide all the required information for a quick account approval. Expect to hear back about your application within 1-2 business days.

We need your help with this! Login to your online account, navigate to the “Neo-Geo - Store Locator” page, and enter the shop information for all your locations. If you need assistance logging into your online account, please email us atinfo@neometal.com.

All prices are viewable right here on our website as soon as your wholesale account has been approved.

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We are able to make changes to your order up to 24 hours after you placed it. To do so, send us an email to info@neometal.com with your order number, and the adjustments you’d like made. If you want to add items to your order after 24 hours, it will delay your original order.

Titanium jewelry ships approx. one week after order date. Gold jewelry is subject to availability. If you’re ordering online, gold inventory is accurately reflected.