NeoMetal - Setting the Standard Since 1997

NeoMetal - Setting the Standard Since 1997

There’s a reason NeoMetal is perfect for your first piercing. And it’s the same reason to come back again and again — high-quality materials. True craftsmanship. Flawless details. We’re the innovators behind the scenes, designing jewelry pieces that function simply and work beautifully. 

We trace our roots back to the beginning of the modern piercing movement, inspired by those who forged their path. From our California shop, we grew as the piercing industry grew, inventing and perfecting, pushing and testing. Join us as we reflect upon our brand's history, finding inspiration in our heritage as we boldly forge ahead into the future. 


It All Began with The Gauntlet 


The modern piercing industry owes its roots to the Gauntlet, the pioneering piercing studio and body jewelry manufacturer. 
Founded by Jim Ward in 1975, what started as a small piercing studio with a one-man jewelry manufacturing facility in the back, quickly grew into much more. As the modern piercing movement began to flourish Gauntlet needed additional capacity to keep up with the demand and manufacturing operations were contracted out to other companies. Norsco Attachments, owned by Greg Siekierski and managed by his brother, Ted Siekierski was one of these companies.  


Norsco Attachments produced an array of products, such as stainless steel guiche weights, a complete range of internally threaded barbells in stainless steel and titanium, and Illusion Rings. 


In an unexpected turn of events in 1997, Gauntlet suddenly closed its doors, leaving Norsco Attachments with surplus body jewelry. It was at this point that Ted decided to take matters into his own hands by launching a jewelry business. 


NeoMetal is Born 


The first step to starting a jewelry wholesale business? Find someone to manage everything. Ted went to his wife Sue. We imagine their initial conversation went something like this: 


Ted: "What do you think about selling body jewelry?" 

Sue: “You want me to do what?” 


Ultimately, Ted and Sue established NeoMetal Incorporated. While Norsco Attachments continued handling the manufacturing aspect, NeoMetal took on the role of marketing and selling the jewelry. Sue set up her operation in a makeshift workspace within her closet 
, and with little to no knowledge about the industry began calling studios around the Bay Area. By listening to the piercers and collaborating closely with the machine shop, Sue and Ted were able to keep up with the demands from the industry. 



The Creation of Threadless Jewelry 


As body piercings gained widespread popularity, there was an increase in demand for smaller and more intricate jewelry. When piercers began requesting barbells in 16ga and smaller sizes, NeoMetal and Norsco realized that crafting internally threaded pieces at such minuscule dimensions was a challenging feat. Ted got to work on some new designs, resulting in the invention of Threadless Body Jewelry, a revolutionary technology that left an indelible mark on the piercing industry. The threadless method of attaching shafts and pins makes it easier for the piercer and more comfortable for the client. The piercing process is over in seconds; while the jewelry is completely secure. It’s just one way NeoMetal set the standard in the industry. His innovative design was patented in 1997 and officially introduced to the US piercing market in 1998. 

Classics Live Forever 


After more than three decades of producing precision machined components for companies across North America, Norsco shifted its focus exclusively to manufacturing NeoMetal's jewelry in 2018. By 2021, it officially became known as NeoMetal California.   

Titanium stock bars beings made into bezel settings

Since the invention of Threadless Jewelry in 1997 we have remained dedicated to innovation, consistently keeping the needs of piercers in mind. Whether it's through products like the Universal Threadless System we introduced in 2015, the first high-quality Threadless Circular Barbells introduced in 2022, or by offering easy online ordering and maintaining steady lead times of one week.  


We do things our way. Trying new things drives us — and the entire piercing industry — forward. We’re innovators. Craftsmen. And honestly, we just nerd-out on the details and finding unique solutions. That’s how we invented the threadless jewelry and that’s how we’ll continue to set the bar for high-quality, classic designs and best-in-class service. 


We’ve come a long way from our early start. Yet we’re proud to remain who we are — a California shop that grew up with the piercing scene, looking out for each other. And we’re honored to make pieces of art for everybody who wants to do things their way, too. 

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