NEW- Kiwami Needles

NEW- Kiwami Needles

At NeoMetal we care about quality jewelry and piercing instruments. The most important instrument in a piercer’s kit is the piercing needle, but not all needles are created equally. We are very proud to be partnering with Kiwami Needles to provide their exceptional product to our customers around the world. 

Kiwami Needles are the sharpest professional piercing needles on the market and have set the standard for piercing needles going forward. Manufactured in Japan, the needles are passivated, coated, extremely sharp and packed in a class 7 clean room. Keep reading to learn more about the key features of Kiwami Needles. 

Kiwami needles are manufactured in a facility that also produces needles for the medical industry and are made of stainless steel, an alloy that can naturally form an oxide film on its surface when in presence of oxygen. This phenomenon gives stainless steel its unique resistance characteristic. The oxide film, also called “passivation film”, protects the underlaying metal from corrosion and rust.  

The corrosion evaluation method is conducted in accordance with ISO 9626 standards and all Kiwami Needles undergo an acid treatment during the final cleaning process in order to enhance passivation. 

Kiwami needles are also silicone coated creating a low friction layer that allows the needle to more comfortably slide through the tissue  

Kiwami uses Dow Corning Medical Grade MDX4-4159 silicone. The coating process is executed in a clean room and consists of three stages where needles are first immersion coated, then air blown and eventually dried. After the coating application, each needle undergoes a visual inspection, followed by the needles’ penetration test. 

Sharpness is one of the most important qualities of a needle. The engineers behind Kiwami’s needles found that stronger walls allow for greater sharpness. Penetration tests conducted in accordance with DIN 13097 showed that Kiwami’s needles were sharper and more consistent than other major piercing needle brands on the market.  

Every needle goes through a rigorous quality control process, which includes the packaging of the product. Prior to packaging, all needles are inspected by both machines and expert quality control personnel. 

Cleanliness is maintained with a strict set of protocols: before a person can enter the class 7 clean room where those are inspected and packed, they must change their shoes to dedicated sandals, thoroughly sanitize their hands, wear a clean lab coat, gloves, hair cap, face mask; then pass through an air shower room to remove any stray particles and eventually enter the clean room which is equipped with air filters and a particle counter. 

At the end of their manufacturing process the needles are packaged in containers that are specially designed to maintain the high standard of cleanliness in which they were created. The same packaging is also intended to safely withstand long transportation. 

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