New Year, New Ear with 4 ears featuring various NeoMetal Gem ends set into the ears.

New Year, New Ear

The New Year isn't just a date on the calendar; it's a chance to reinvent, rejuvenate, and reimagine. Just like a new piercing, this year invites you to embrace change fearlessly and express yourself uniquely.

To celebrate this inspiring time of year we've created a series of unique curated looks featuring our jewelry.


Drawn ear featuring multiple titanium ends

Shaped in Titanium 

This curated look features a unique combination of our titanium settings. The unexpected pairing of Princess, Marquise, Pear, and Trillion cut gems combined with the movement of our Double Bezel Dangle creates visual interest. Our classic Trinity end ties this sparkly curation together. 


Drawn ear featuring 18K Gold gem ends

18K Gold Dreams

Pops of white opal add a subtle touch of color to this classic combination of cubic zirconia and yellow gold. This curated ear is perfect for 18K gold lovers and features our 16ga seam ring and sun cabochon in the helix piercings, delicate multi-bead clusters in the forward and mid helix, and a show-stopping Deco end in the first lobe. A bezel set opal and prong set CZs balance the look.



Drawn ear featuring 18K Gold Gem Ends and Zodiac Ends

January Garnet + Capricorn

Garnets, with their deep red hue, mirror the fiery passion and strength inherent in Capricorns. These stunning gemstones are more than just ornamental; they embody the characteristics of resilience and perseverance—a perfect reflection of the Capricorn spirit.

To compliment the genuine garnet stone in this curation​, we included some of our favorite titanium settings with Ruby gems: Flower, Trinity, and Forte.


Drawn ear featuring a mixture of 18K Gold and Titanium gem ends and shapes

Mixed Metals in Harmony

This curation blends both gem and non-gem elements to create a stunning and visually interesting look. The fusion of Titanium and rose gold imparts a playful yet elegant appearance, which we complimented by selecting multi-dimensional designs like our Tetra and Pyramid ends. Our Deco and Areo ends are the show-stoppers in this curation, complimented by the extra sparkle of our brilliant and marquise cut CZs. 



Drawn ear featuring titanium products from our Limited Edition 2024 Valentine's Day collection

Dark Valentine​

Our 2024​ Valentine's Day Collection features features classic favorites and new romantic color combinations in our cluster and dangle settings. For this curation we really leaned in to the dark and moody love month feels with rich ruby red and black CZs. 




Cheers to setting bold resolutions and adding that extra sparkle to life.

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