Your Child's First Piercing

Your Child's First Piercing

As a parent, you've likely experienced the moment when your child expresses the wish to have their ears pierced. Making this decision, together with your child, is a significant step, and we're here to guide you both with care and expertise. Kids can often be nervous about getting piercings, which makes selecting a professional piercer essential. It's not just about a small hole in the earlobe; it's a form of body modification that necessitates precision and attention to detail. This article outlines the reasons behind selecting a professional piercer, ensuring your child's happiness from the moment they step into a studio and for years to come. 


Why choose a professional piercer? 


When it comes to piercings, experience, and expertise matter. Professional piercers possess the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure a safe and successful piercing experience for your child. This includes everything from knowledge of anatomy, sterilization, and jewelry materials to environmental criteria and proper aftercare. Professional piercers operate in clean and sterile studios where hygiene is a top priority, which helps to minimize the risk of infection. Professional piercers use needles, not piercing guns, due to their precision and reduced tissue trauma. 


The difference between a piercing gun and needle


There is a lot of misinformation floating around the internet about the difference between piercing guns and needles. Many people are afraid needles will hurt more than guns, but the good news is they hurt less! Unlike piercing guns, needles create a clean, sharp puncture with minimal discomfort and faster healing. Guns, on the other hand, use blunt force to push the earring through the ear.  They pose a higher risk of complications, including tissue damage, infection, and prolonged healing. Opting for piercing needles ensures a safer and more comfortable piercing experience, making them the preferred choice for professional piercers committed to the well-being of their clients. 


The importance of quality jewelry


Piercers that use piercing needles are also more likely to use jewelry that is not only more comfortable but is higher quality than the jewelry found in malls and piercing kiosks. Many studios prefer to use threadless jewelry for children’s piercings. This style of jewelry was invented by NeoMetal in 1997 and is loved by piercers around the world for its security and comfort, and for how easy it is to use. 

Unlike traditional butterfly backs which can be bulky and uncomfortable, threadless jewelry features a small disc back with a removable decorative end. This design eliminates the sharp jewelry posts found with gun piercings, which can scrape or cut your child in their sleep. Threadless jewelry also features an adjustable fit, ensuring a secure fit during the healing process, preventing accidental removal. 

The materials the jewelry is made from is also important to consider. Both implant certified titanium and 18K gold are an excellent choice for new and healed piercings. Here at NeoMetal we specialize in implant certified titanium and offer a wide array of designs to fit any style and budget. A favorite amongst children wearing our jewelry is our Titanium Flowers, fondly known as NeoPetals! Titanium jewelry is not only known for its durability and hypoallergenic properties but also for its ability to undergo anodization, which results in vibrant and fun colors. This process allows you to personalize your jewelry with a wide range of hues sure to delight your little one. 


Choosing a studio 


Many parents hear “professional piercer” and think their only choice is to take their child to a tattoo shop, but thankfully that is not the only alternative. Many piercing studios around the world have focused on creating a welcoming, family friendly environment, free from loud music and graphic art. 

One simple way to find a professional piercer near you is to choose a studio affiliated with recognized organizations like the Association of Professional Piercers (APP). You can check the APP's website to see if a piercer is a member in good standing. This can give you peace of mind that the piercer has undergone proper training and adheres to safety standards. You can also use our studio locator to find piercers near you who stock NeoMetal jewelry. 


The process of professional piercing 


Professional piercers follow a meticulous process that includes: 

  1. Marking and Placement: Piercers use sterile surgical markers to ensure precise and symmetrical placement of the jewelry. 
  2. Autoclave Sterilization: All the piercing equipment and jewelry undergoes thorough sterilization to guarantee a germ-free environment. 
  3. Aftercare Instructions: Piercers will provide you and your little one with comprehensive aftercare guidelines for smooth healing.  

These are just a few of the steps professional piercers will take to ensure your child’s piercing goes smoothly. Many offer even more services to make children comfortable, from a detail as small as playing your child’s favorite music in the studio, or as big as offering tandem piercings–one piercer for each ear–to ensure a quick and seamless piercing process. Be sure to call your local studio and ask about their processes and accommodations.  


In conclusion, selecting a professional piercer for your child's ear piercing is a responsible and caring choice. It guarantees expertise, cleanliness, quality materials, and a process that ensures the best possible outcome. Prioritize your child's health and comfort and choose a professional piercing studio for an unforgettable and safe experience. 

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