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EVP & Founder

John works with all the departments in NeoMetal to deliver the highest quality titanium jewelry possible while continuing to engineer future NeoMetal jewelry designs. When he allows himself breaks from work, he enjoys skiing, surfing, and camping with his family. His favorite NeoMetal jewelry is our Titanium Threadless Nipple Bars due to the engineering challenges he was able to overcome designing them and knowing how many people love them.


Office Supervisor

Timothy leads the NeoMetal Office Team. He seeks to provide in-depth product information and helpful insight into any situation. Timothy enjoys a variety of hobbies including drawing, reading, writing, gaming, crafting, and music. His favorite NeoMetal jewelry piece is the flower end with an arrangement of Sapphire, London Blue, Mint Green, Arctic Blue, and Frosty Mint gems.


Office Administrator

Zanne is the head of NeoMetal's Invoicing and Shipping team. She works diligently to provide a smooth roll-out for jewelry orders big and small to all corners of the world, connecting with clients regarding any issues along the way. Zanne spends her free time playing video games and cleaning up after her dog, two cats, a chinchilla, and her new nephew. Peacock opals in a 2.5mm or larger cabochon setting are her favorite NeoMetal offering, with an ocean grey, ruby, and London blue Trinity as a close second.


Office Administrator

Wendy is our Warranty and Discrepancy officer. She brings an abundance of comprehensive customer service experience and aspires to exceed expectations. She loves exploring new beaches and forests, gardening, art, adventures with her family, and all-day cooking endeavors. Her favorite piece is the Ruby Flower, 2mm.


Digital Marketing Specialist

Emily leads NeoMetal’s Digital, Social Media, and E-Commerce efforts. She aims to inspire and connect NeoMetal’s community through creative storytelling and helpful product information. Emily is a big fan of reading, rock-climbing and hiking, and all things Disney. Her favorite NeoMetal Jewelry is our Titanium Trinity with 2mm Champagne Swarovski gems.


Coffee Distributor and Office Mascot

Ruibarbo is an essential part of the office dynamic providing automatic satisfaction for our teams caffeine needs. Ruibarbo manifests a quality of life that both uplifts our team and carries on to our clients in the form of wide eyed and alert employees.