Titanium Curved Barbells - Shaft Only

Titanium Curved Barbells - Shaft Only



NeoMetal Titanium curved barbells use our signature threadless technology benefitting both the piercer and the person getting pierced. The 16ga shaft has an attached 3mm ball end. The 18ga shaft has an attached 2.5mm ball end.

Curved Barbells are used in multiple piercing placements including rooks, eyebrows, and vertical labrets.
XMCBS18 - Head Diameter: 2.29mm, Shaft Diameter: 1.04mm
XMCBS16 - Head Diameter: 3.05mm, Shaft Diameter: 1.27mm

Use With: Titanium Curved Barbell Replacement Balls / Faceted Gem End / Titanium Cabochon End

Product Info

  • NeoMetal threadless ends are universal and can be used with any of our threadless posts or barbells
  • Manufactured in CA
  • Titanium ends are machined with a counterbore ensuring a seamless aesthetic, maximizing comfort and minimizing bacterial growth
  • Titanium pieces can be anodized
  • ISO 9001:2015, ASTFM F-136, and DFARS compliant.
  • NeoMetal products are covered against manufacturer defects. Learn more about our Limited Lifetime Warranty HERE
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Four threadless titanium nipple bars with various faceted and cabochon side gems

Limitless Combinations

All Titanium pieces can be anodized into a wide variety of colors
Threadless pieces are universally adaptable, use any NeoMetal end with any NeoMetal Threadless Labrets or Barbell

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