Best Seller Sphere Gem Display Kit

Best Seller Sphere Gem Display Kit

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Our Sphere Gems set in implant-grade titanium are popular for a variety of piercings including septum, nipple, industrial, and eyebrow piercings. Purchasing kits saves you 10% on gem ends.

Acrylic Display Dimensions:

Height: 26mm

Width: 114mm

Depth: 138.6mm

Included in this kit are:

Gem Colors White Opal (OW), Onyx (ON), Capri Blue (05), Bubblegum (07), Pink (10), Lime (11), Peacock (13), Red (15), Yellow (28), Orange (30), Lavender (38), Fire (45), Purple (52), Hot Pink (55), Black Opal (OB), Moonstone (MO), Tiger's Eye (TE), Turquoise (TQ)
Display Black Acrylic 100 Piece Display

Product Info

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Four threadless titanium nipple bars with various faceted and cabochon side gems

Limitless Combinations

All Titanium pieces can be anodized into a wide variety of colors
Threadless pieces are universally adaptable, use any NeoMetal end with any NeoMetal Threadless Labrets or Barbell