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Titanium 16ga Threadless Circular Barbell

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You've only been asking for 20 years, and NeoMetal is pleased to finally announce our titanium threadless circular barbells.

Compatible with your favorite NeoMetal threadless side gems and ball ends, these threadless circular barbells are sure to be hot sellers.

Use with: XCB16, XSG14-3

  • All Titanium pieces can be anodized into a wide variety of colors
  • ISO 9001:2015, ASTFM F-136, and DFARS compliant titanium used in all products
  • Threadless pieces are universally adaptable, use any NeoMetal end with any NeoMetal Threadless Labrets or Barbell
  • NeoMetal produces the best titanium body jewelry. We stand by all our products and offer a lifetime guarantee
  • Designed and manufactured in California
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